About Starkey Hearing Technologies

Helping people hear - it's the reason we're here

Founded in 1967, Starkey Hearing Technologies has been advancing the hearing aid industry ever since

  • 2017

    In 2017, we celebrate our 50th anniversary, honoring our decades of work in innovative hearing and hearable technology, audiological research, and development.

    To kick off the year, we release our next-generation operating system, Acuity™ OS 2; our smallest Made for iPhone® hearing aid yet — Halo™ 2 RIC 312; the next generation of the TruLink® Hearing Control app, TruLink 4.0; and our new compact cell phone streaming solution, SurfLink® Mini Mobile. We also partner with ZPower® to release a rechargeable Muse™ micro RIC 312t hearing aid option.

  • 2016

    In January, we announce our partnership with Bragi, creator of the world’s first wireless smart earphones, The Dash, to design a truly innovative hearable. Then, in the spring, we will release our brand-new technology platform, Synergy®, high-definition operation system Acuity™ OS and new Inspire® X fitting software. The first hearing aid platform with twin compressor technology, Synergy enabled us to engineer four new products designed to improve audibility in every environment and enhance listening enjoyment simultaneously.

    Halo™ 2, our latest generation of Made for iPhone® hearing aids and TruLink® Hearing Control app 3.0 launches with new features to help active users stay connected to their world. A whole new family of hearing aids, Muse™, is built with our 900sync™ wireless technology and works with SurfLink® accessories to ensure speech, music and the real world sound more natural than ever. The Muse CROS System offers hearing solutions for those with single-sided hearing loss. And SoundLens® Synergy® launches as our new invisible hearing aid with wireless capabilities and SurfLink accessory connectivity, including the brand-new SurfLink Media 2 and SurfLink Remote Microphone.

  • 2015

    Z Series™, our full line of wireless hearing solutions launches with our proprietary Multiflex Tinnitus Technology and connectivity to SurfLink® accessories. Powered by our 900sync™ wireless technology, Z Series offers patients a tinnitus management solution, high-quality streaming for TV, media and phone calls, improved speech audibility in difficult listening situations, exceptional comfort and unparalleled protection from water, wax and oils with our HydraShield®2 nano-coating.

  • 2014

    Halo, our Made for iPhone® hearing aid, launches providing a new option for hearing aid wearers to stay connected. Halo, paired with our TruLink® app allows for seamless connection between hearing aids and iPhone, iPad® and iPod touch® – so phone calls, music, videos and more can stream directly into wearers' ears with pristine sound quality.

  • 2013

    In January, we launch Xino™ Tinnitus with Multiflex Tinnitus Technology to help people suffering from constant "ringing" in their ears find relief. Also in 2013, 3 Series™ custom wireless hearing aids launch, providing a small option powered by our BluWave® 3.0 operating system that is designed to maximize performance in even the most challenging listening environments.

  • 2012

    In addition to changing our name from Starkey Laboratories, Inc. to Starkey Hearing Technologies, we launch several exciting innovations, including SurfLink® Mobile, which enables hands-free cell phone conversations; Wi Series® Custom, which expands our popular wireless hearing aids into custom-fit styles; and three new wireless options — 3 Series™, Tour™ and Ignite™ — which brings the benefits of wireless to virtually every person who wants it.

  • 2011

    We launch both AMP®, the invisible hearing aid for people who aren't ready for a hearing aid, and X Series®, our most comprehensive line of traditional digital hearing aids ever.

  • 2010

    A number of exciting products launch, including Wi Series™, our advanced wireless hearing aids that also enable wearers to stream stereo sound directly from their TVs or radios to their hearing aids without any body-worn relay devices; the S Series™ iQ line, featuring Voice iQ™, a new noise management and speech preservation system that takes on the issue of hearing in noise; SoundLens™, the world's first custom Invisible-In-The-Canal hearing aid; and Starkey Pediatrics.

  • 2009

    S Series™ with Drive Architecture™ is released. Using multi-core, open architecture technology, S Series goes on to become one of the best-selling lines of hearing aids in the industry.

  • 2008

    Zōn™ revolutionises the way hearing aids look and goes on to win more than a dozen design and consumer electronics awards.

  • 2006

    We redefine the hearing aid industry with Destiny™, the first hearing aid to utilize digital technology in a completely new way, and the first to virtually eliminate feedback once and for all.

  • 2004

    Sir Elton John's appearance at Starkey Hearing Foundation's "So the World May Hear" Awards Gala helps raise a record $2.7 million. Construction begins on the new William F. Austin Center, and the Starkey Hearing Research Center opens.

  • 2003

    Genesis 4 is released, offering hearing impaired users superior levels of audibility, high fidelity and hearing comfort.

  • 2002

    The Starkey Hearing Alliance network is established.

  • 2001

    We launch the Genesis digital hearing aid family, which becomes the industry's most comprehensive product line, with Axent hearing aids becoming the benchmark for advanced digital technology.

  • 1999

    We bring hearing aids into the digital age with the release of the Cetera and Aries digital hearing aid systems. Both take a research-based approach to amplification.

  • 1992

    We release the Tympanette, the first hearing aid to fit entirely in the ear canal. Tympanette becomes the industry's smallest and most popular Completely-In-Canal hearing aid for its time.

  • 1983

    President Ronald Reagan gets fit with Starkey INTRA hearing aids, encouraging a wider acceptance of hearing aids among the public, and resulting in increased sales throughout the industry.

  • 1982

    CE-5 series is released, the industry's first canal hearing aids.

  • 1979

    We develop the CHAT hearing aid tester, the Tinnitus Research Audiometer and the Digital Drain Meter — state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment that helps improve patient service.

  • 1978

    The Starkey Fund is developed as a battery recycling program with proceeds going to help needy people receive hearing assistance. The program evolves into Starkey Hearing Foundation.

  • 1976

    We open our first subsidiary in Manchester, England. Over the next five years, we open facilities in Toronto, Canada; Glencoe, Minnesota; Hamburg, Germany; and Paris, France.

  • 1973

    We release the CE-1, a custom In-The-Ear hearing aid with the industry's first 90-day trial period and one-year "Worry Free" warranty. Soon after, we become the world's leading manufacturer of custom hearing instruments.

  • 1971

    William F. Austin purchases Starkey Laboratories, a small earmold company, from Harold Starkey. Mr. Austin merges Professional and Starkey, retaining the Starkey name.

  • 1967

    William F. Austin starts Professional Hearing Aid Service, an all-make hearing instrument repair service in St. Louis Park, Minnesota. The company offers fixed repair charges — an industry first.