Buying new hearing aids, covering the cost of hearing aids

New hearing aids are an investment in your health and wellness. Insurance may cover a portion of the cost of hearing aids, depending on your policy. Many people choose to use a combination of self-payment, insurance and financing to purchase hearing aids.

CareCredit CareCredit® is a trusted partner of Starkey, and is accepted at more than 7,000 hearing care facilities throughout the U.S.

CareCredit offers a range of affordable plans for hearing aids and hearing loss treatment costs. In addition to financing all or a portion of the cost of your hearing aids, you can also use CareCredit to cover out-of-pocket costs related to your hearing aid purchase such as insurance deductibles or co-pays. Contact your hearing professional or visit the CareCredit website for more information.

Health insurance plans

If you're unsure about your hearing care insurance benefits, contact your healthcare provider, employer or state healthcare agency with specific questions.