Embracing Social Media in a Hearing Aid Practice

Coca-Cola wants you to see their brand and think "happiness." Target wants you to have an "experience." Southwest Airlines wants their customers to "have fun." Communicating your brand through all channels is more important in today's business than ever before.

Face it: Your brand is who you are. You bring your practice to life through your brand and personalization. Knowing, understanding and utilizing today's social media is a must for long-term sustainable success. This is accomplished by sharing your story with online audiences and searchers. Will it bring new customers through your door? Maybe. Should you abandon traditional media and focus solely on social media? No. You should do both. In the coming years, with the onset of roughly 78 million Boomers, social media becomes an offensive strategy and shouldn't be looked at as a "waste of time."

Quick facts:

People now spend more time using their mobile phone devices for social media than talking.

There are 8.5 million active Facebook users over the age of 65...and growing.

41% of all businesses on Facebook reported generating a lead.

58% of all Facebook users have "Liked" at least one brand.

92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends on social media, while only 14% trust traditional advertising.

The Internet can and should be used to build your brand, your audience and generate leads through social media. Social media allows consumers to engage with your brand and earn mentions and shares to their friends that can result in a new engagement for your practice.

Relying on traditional media is still required, but embracing the on-set of social media — including Facebook and Twitter — is a necessity in today  business climate.

Design for tomorrow: You are your brand - define it and drive it.

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By Starkey Hearing