4 Helpful Tips for Adjusting to Your First Pair of Hearing Aids

There are 8.5 million hearing aid wearers in the United States and 585,000 will purchase hearing aids for the very first time this year. For many it takes time to adjust to their first pair. Below are four easy steps for doing just that.

  1. Partner with your hearing healthcare professional to ensure success with your new hearing aids. Ask any questions you have during your appointment and be sure to write down any concerns that arise after you leave. Speak with your hearing healthcare professional if you feel any pain or discomfort while wearing the hearing aids, modifications can easily be made to ensure a comfortable fit.
  2. Start slowly. Most hearing loss develops in both ears gradually over time. It usually takes someone seven years after a hearing loss has been identified to get their first set of hearing aids. The sounds around you have been muted by your hearing loss and it is normal for your brain to need time to get used to hearing again. Even when the volume of the hearing aids are comfortable certain sounds may sound unfamiliar or louder than you remember. If you feel tired or overwhelmed while wearing your hearing aids take a short break or turn down the volume.
  3. Commit to wearing your new hearing aids every day. Try wearing them in new listening environments. Wear your hearing aids on the phone, in the theater, in restaurants, churches, and auditoriums. Wear them everywhere. Give yourself the best opportunity to hear clearly by positioning yourself toward the the speaker so their face is visible. You will notice that the microphones on your new hearing aids amplify your own voice, chewing, and swallowing. Reading aloud will help you monitor the volume of your own voice. If you feel as if you are speaking too loudly ask those around you. Your loved ones can help you regulate the volume of your own voice while you are adjusting to your hearing aids.
  4. Be patient with yourself and those around you as you begin to wear your hearing aids every day. Similar to wearing glasses or contacts it will take a little time to adjust to wearing your new hearing aids. Soon wearing your new hearing aids will become an unnoticeable part of your daily routine.

By Beth McCormick, Au.D.