5 Hearing Loss Friendly Vacation Destinations

Vacations are wonderful! They are full of joy, laughter and adventure. But while the vacation itself may be enjoyable, choosing the location and activities may not be. And when you or someone in your family has hearing loss, it may make choosing vacation plans that much harder. 

Thus, here are our top five favorite hearing loss friendly vacation ideas!

 Italy -

Italy is about adventure, wine and history. Between cool, flavorful gelato tastings and scenic trips to historic landmarks such as The Colosseum, Italy stimulates sight, taste and touch. Your taste buds will drown in pleasure when they experience that first bite of fettuccine alfredo in Rome, and your eyes will marvel at the majestic ocean scene of the Trevi Fountain, staring in wonder as the wish-filled penny you tossed forward lands with a gentle splash. 

Italy is the birthplace of the Renaissance, and it is our number one vacation choice because many places in Italy offer one-on-one tours or subtitled videos. 

 New York City, New York

Perhaps it’s cliché, but New York City grabbed our number two spot for its accessible options in theatre and cinema. You may be singing the famous Frank Sinatra song as you take your first steps into Times Square, and while at first the bustle of New Yorkers among the crowd of yellow taxi cabs may be overwhelming, for those with hearing loss, New York offers a number of things to do. 

The Met Opera offers a closed captioning system along with wireless sound-amplification headsets. Explore the National September 11 Memorial with captions or an Assistive Listening Device, and check out The Metropolitan Museum, which offers an array of options for those with hearing loss. Wanting something a little quieter? Spend the afternoon in Central Park for a picnic.

 Hearing Loss Friendly Cruises

Grab your suit and some sunscreen and jump aboard for some time away at sea. Cruise lines across the world offer many features and accessibility options for those with hearing loss and hearing aids, including connecting hearing aids to the ship’s intercom system and room kits with visual alert systems. Check out Royal Caribbean’s options here.

Exploring some of the world’s most beautiful destinations, zip line in Costa Rica or cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest. Hearing loss friendly cruises offer smaller group tours and are more visually-based. Remember to pack an extra set of batteries if you’re bringing hearing aids, and be careful to avoid getting them wet. 

 U.S. National Parks

Perhaps a little “old school” when compared to many of today’s vacation choices, taking a roadtrip and exploring some of the U.S. National Parks is something you should do at least once in your life. Yosemite Valley boasts North America’s highest waterfall, while Yellowstone offers the chance to see many northern animals that are either endangered or rare to see in the wild.

The National Park Service offers hearing loss friendly tour guides as well as visual brochures for those who prefer it. Check out accessibly options for each park here to plan your visit.

 Northern California

If the vineyards don’t call you to California then perhaps grandiose architecture, a misty sea breeze and adventure will bring you there. Between exploring San Francisco’s old cable cars and taking photos by the Golden Gate Bridge, everyone will feel included. Taste fresh seafood by the coast or peruse the local farmers market in Sacramento for fresh produce. Feeling brave? Head out to Alcatraz Island to learn more about the famous prison. Tours offer Assistive Listening Devices as well as Open Captioning, and it is said to be one of the most noteworthy sites to see in the United States.

Have another option that you think should be on this list? Share it with us by commenting below or on our Facebook page! 

By Starkey Hearing