Inside #StarkeyU: Carolyn’s Story

My journey towards working at Starkey Hearing Technologies is a bit unique in that I joined this team immediately after earning my doctoral degree.  I am aware that my choice to work for a manufacturer is unique; in fact that may have very well been a large part of the reason I chose to explore the industry as an option in the first place.  There is an undeniable energy and culture in the people who work here.  

I now work as the Manager of University and Government Training on campus at Starkey Hearing Technologies.  I have a wide range of responsibilities including training customers and staff, developing educational materials for patients and professionals and, of course, working with the future of our industry through our Starkey University program.

Choosing to enter this realm of our profession has been one of the best decisions I could have made.  I am challenged every day and love being at the forefront of upcoming innovation!

With the Starkey University program we are hoping to provide additional education and training towards the development of the skills necessary to be successful in any realm of audiology.  Our Starkey University Workshop is offered twice per year and gives students and faculty members of Au.D programs a unique opportunity to not only fine tune skills such as deep insertion impression taking, modification techniques and advanced fitting strategies, but also to hear about the road map for our industry, business development and data-based design.  Each workshop features key guest speakers that offer unique perspectives on innovation in our profession. 

The Entrepreneurial Audiology Program has grown to be in high demand and offers students in their 3rd or 4th years, or recent graduates the opportunity to attend several courses, each focusing on different key areas towards success in a private practice setting.  These sessions are taught by experts in each focus area and are individualized to meet the needs of those accepted into the program. 

I love working at Starkey Hearing Technologies because every day is different.  I’ve had the opportunity to participate in missions, student workshops, staff and customer trainings and have traveled extensively to different universities and regional trainings- connecting with different patients, professionals and students across the country and the world.  As we continue to invest in our research department in hopes of constantly improving our devices in order to provide better hearing to those who need it, I love that I’m able to see what’s coming on the forefront and I get to be involved in making our products and tools better every day.  

Many students are unaware of the wide variety of positions you can hold with a degree in audiology.  My greatest piece of advice is to get involved early in your program- join organizations, attend conferences and workshops and take advantage of all of the opportunities that present themselves for you as a student.  Exposure to different settings and options comes from seeking opportunities and staying involved. 

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By Carolyn Pinkerton, Au.D.