The SurfLink Family: devices to do it all

Today, hearing aids are a package deal. Instead of providing users with only the ability to amplify sounds, they are now equipped with the ability to communicate directly with specially designed wireless accessories that enable users greater freedom, flexibility and control. 

SurfLink is our family of wireless accessories. Users can stream calls phones, TV and music directly to their hearing aids and there are no visible, body-worn devices necessary.

Let’s take a look at what our SurfLink accessories can do!

SurfLink Mobile 2: Phone, Media, Noisy Settings

This wireless remote fits in your pocket or purse and uses JustTalk™ to stream phone calls directly through your hearing aids. SurfLink Mobile turns your hearing aids into the phone itself, using the device’s own microphones and receivers to effortlessly pick up and send voices both ways. It works for phone calls, FaceTime®, Skype™, Viber and other telephone services.

SurfLink Mobile 2 can also aid users in noisy environments, meetings or group settings.

  • The directional microphone enhances and focuses on speech in a one-on-one conversation in loud or noisy situations.
  • Omnidirectional capability allows better hearing in meeting or group settings where it is necessary to hear and understand more than one voice.

Finally, the Mobile accessory allows users to stream media sound from any Bluetooth®-enabled TV or MP3 player.

Who should buy: Great for users who spend a lot of time on the phone, use phone calls for work, spend time in group settings and want greater flexibility while communicating.

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SurfLink Media: TV, Music, Video

According to a recent Nielsen survey, the average American spends about five hours a day watching television. The SurfLink Media accessory allows multiple users to wirelessly connect their hearing aids to a TV or media streaming device and listen at the level they are most comfortable without bothering others in the room who may have normal hearing. 

SurfLink Media can allow you to watch TV comfortably by streaming sound directly from the TV to your ears. Adjust the volume through your hearing aids while never changing the volume of the TV itself. This accessory also allows someone with hearing aids to watch TV with sound while the TV itself may be muted.

The best part about this accessory is not the independent listening abilities but its automatic changing capabilities. For example, if you are watching TV in the living room and get up to join others listening to music in the kitchen, your hearing aids will automatically switch from streaming the TV to streaming the music from the corresponding MP3 or media streaming device.

Who should buy: Perfect for users who enjoy TV, music and other media but have difficulty enjoying or understanding either without excessive volume increases. This accessory is especially wonderful for families with members who have hearing loss and members who don’t.

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SurfLink Remote

This is the most widely used type of accessory for hearing aid users. It allows users to quickly and remotely changes volume, program memory, and other hearing aid features without physically touching the hearing aid itself. The remote provides a convenient and inconspicuous way for anyone to control both hearing aids—independently or together.

This accessory is also extremely helpful for a hearing aid user who may have poor manual dexterity, neuropathy or vision issues.

Who should buy: Any user wanting an easy, unobvious way to control their hearing aids at any time. This accessory is also ideal for helping those with neurological, physical or visual limitations to easily adjust their hearing aids at the touch of a button.

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By Sarah Bricker