#HearingFactFriday: Have Hearing Aids, Have Pride!

Do you remember when glasses were thought to be “bad”? Once upon a time, eyeglasses came with their own negative stigma, and wearing them often resulted in being called “four eyes,” “brainiac” or “dork.” Bifocals were considered the glasses of the elderly, and for younger teens, glasses often unfairly got you branded as “bookworm” or “weakling.” You were picked last for sports and you were thought to know everything in class.

Fast forward to today, and eyeglasses are a sought-after fashion accessory! People who don’t need glasses buy them anyway, and if you want the best example of how far glasses have come, look no further than the Warby Parker website!

Now, hearing aids are undergoing the same transformation glasses went through. Once thought to indicate “old age” or an “inability,” hearing aids are now looked at as sleek, technologically advanced hearables that can not only help our health but provide us with entertainment capabilities as well.

Halo 2 Made for iPhone hearing aids, which were just named one of “The 7 Most Brilliant Product Designs of 2016” by Inc. Magazine, fit discreetly behind one’s ears, offer better hearing in multiple environments, and sync with iPhone to provide direct streaming of calls, media, music, social notifications and more. Or, conversely, check out SoundLens Synergy — our “invisible” hearing aid, providing improved hearing in a tiny package that goes inside your ear!

Hearing aids no longer signify old age or weakness, but instead, they are indicative of courage, respect, health awareness and the innovative power of technology. And with the revolutionary advances already made, hearing aids have become “hearables.” 



By Starkey Hearing