#HearingFactFriday: Noise Is the Biggest Complaint in Restaurants


When you’re out to eat, a lot of things can make or break your dining experience. Your seating could be cramped, your service could be poor, your food could be cold. And while you can ask to have these things changed, there is one thing about a restaurant you can rarely do anything about: noise.

Noise is everywhere, but seems elevated at restaurants. In restaurants, noise is often comprised of multiple conversations between 50 or more diners, dishes, pots and pans clanging in the kitchen, and ambient music playing over the stereo system. If the restaurant is a small space or is designed with hard surfaces (tile, wood floors, etc.) then the noise can seem even louder. For people without hearing loss, noisy restaurants can be frustrating. But for people with hearing loss, it’s even worse.

Restaurants are some of the most challenging environments for people with hearing loss.

You can’t really ask everyone in the restaurant to be quiet – and the competing sounds make it difficult to clearly hear your dining companions. Fortunately hearing aid technology today helps combat noise and focus on conversation.

Our newest hearing aids, Muse and Halo 2, feature our most rigorously tested environmental detection system, meaning they’re smart enough to distinguish speech from noise. That way, they’re able to amplify what friends at the table are saying while suppressing other noises – so dining out should be comfortable again.

If you have Halo or Halo 2 hearing aids, you can even create a custom memory using SoundSpace that provides the best listening experience for you in any restaurant you go to. If you frequently dine at a favorite restaurant, geotag the memory so that as soon as you walk in, your hearing aids adjust automatically, and you never have to recreate the settings.

Noise can be annoying and frustrating, but today’s hearing aids can help you have a better dining experience, no matter where you go.

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By Starkey Hearing