#MensHealthWeek: Hearing Health Guys, It’s Important!

When it comes to health, our first thoughts are diet and exercise. It’s all about how many miles we ran last week, how much we benched at the gym and what ratio of healthy food versus junk food we consume, right? Wrong. Health isn’t just nutrition and physical activity. And for men, hearing health should be a priority. Why? 

Hearing loss is more common in men than in women, and according to the National Academy on an Aging Society, hearing loss is the most prevalent chronic health condition for males 75 and older.

Here are 6 more reasons men should make hearing health a priority during Men’s Health Week!

  1. You could feel sad or depressed: Hearing loss can increase the risk for depression in adults, especially between the ages of 18 and 69.
  2. Your social life could suffer: Hearing loss can result in mixed emotions and feelings of frustration, leading to social isolation from friends and family. One study found that people with hearing loss who don’t use hearing aids are less likely to participate in social activities. 
  3. Hearing loss could indicate another health issue: Hearing loss has been linked to other health conditions, including heart disease and diabetes. Being aware of your hearing health could help you detect other health issue.
  4. Hearing health equals brain health: Hearing loss has been linked to a decline in cognitive abilities and dementia in older adults, and a recent study by Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) has found that hearing aids may potentially help improve cognitive functioning in older adults. 
  5. Keep your relationships strong: Hearing loss doesn’t just affect you, it affects your friends and family. By making hearing health a priority, you can help ensure your relationships with your spouse, kids and friends don’t suffer.
  6. Earning Power: For people with treatable hearing loss, a study by the Better Hearing Institute has shown a correlation between untreated hearing loss and annual income. Hearing loss impacts income by affecting your energy level, ability to focus and listen, your ability to accurately understand speech (especially in noisy or group environments) and your ability to multitask. The study found that people with untreated hearing loss could potentially lose as much as $30,000 in annual income depending on the degree of their hearing loss. 

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By Sarah Bricker