Muse is the hearing aid that music lovers have been waiting for

Since launching in March of this year, our Muse hearing aids have been receiving rave reviews from both the patients who wear them, and the hearing professionals who fit them. Why? Because Muse hearing aids — along with our Halo 2 hearing aids — are the first hearing aids ever designed to process speech and music separately.

What does that mean? Historically, hearing aid technology has focused on making speech crisp and clear — and Starkey’s recent hearing aids have improved speech understanding in all environments like never before. 

But speech and music are two different sounds entirely (think tone and range and dynamics) – so ideally should be processed through different algorithms. Prior to Muse, no hearing aid manufacturer could do that: music was processed through the same algorithm as speech. This impacted how good music could sound. Hearing aid wearers often described music as sounding dull or tinny or distorted.

There’s never been a hearing aid like Muse

That changed with Muse. Thanks to our revolutionary Synergy platform — which significantly enhanced hearing aid processing power and speeds — music and speech are able to be processed differently for the first time ever. The result is music and speech sound quality that has never been matched in any other hearing aids. Music now sounds rich and full; the way music is supposed to sound.

Listen to how JT Craft explains it:

Now, we’re excited to introduce the Muse BTE 13. The latest release in the Muse family, the new BTE 13 style ensures there’s a Muse hearing aid that’s right for everyone — no matter your degree of hearing loss or style preference.

With Muse, hearing aid wearers can enjoy:

  • Crisp, distinctive sounding speech
  • Rich, immersive sounding music
  • Ear-to-ear phone streaming, so you can hear your phone in both ears simultaneously
  • Tinnitus relief technology that your hearing professional can program just for you
  • Compatibility with our popular SurfLink accessories
  • And much more

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To hear the best that hearing aid technology has to offer for yourself, find a hearing professional who can fit you with Muse or Halo 2 today.



By Starkey Hearing