Chris Van Guilder 

Chris Van Guilder

Chief Customer Officer

Chris Van Guilder serves as the Chief Customer Officer at Starkey, where he started his career in 2013. In this position, he leads Starkey’s world-class customer service teams, consisting of over one hundred dedicated professionals, working to protect and exceed our mission to serve our customers better than anyone else.

Chris Van Guilder defines and executes initiatives to provide an industry-leading customer experience, which has been a core pillar of Starkey’s success for over 50 years. Leading at the intersection of operational and market-development teams, Chris Van Guilder collaborates with leaders throughout Starkey to help ensure customer needs are infused into all aspects of the organization. He is responsible for modernizing the overall customer experience for existing and new global customers through a balance of digital innovation and the human touch. Using a metrics and results-driven approach along with leveraging Starkey’s culture and rich history of service excellence, he seeks to reduce customer effort, achieve successful outcomes, and develop strong bonds with every interaction.

Prior to Starkey, Chris Van Guilder developed experience in communications, project and event management, and team development through work in politics. He earned his bachelor’s degree in political science from Saint John’s University (MN).

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