Hearing aid warranty

A guide to help you with hearing aid warranty questions.

Worry-free warranty plans

Any reputable hearing professional will provide at least a 30-day guarantee for your hearing aids. Remember it often takes four months to realize the full benefit of new hearing aids, so don’t give up. Ask for help from your hearing professional, follow their treatment plan and look for small improvements every day.

Starkey offers comprehensive Worry-Free Warranty coverage for all hearing aid brands. Available as long as your hearing aids are in proper operating condition, our plans provide protection against failure, damage and even loss. We also offer Worry-Free Warranty Loss, Damage, and Repair coverage on other hearing aid brands. Ask your hearing professional which of our flexible protection plans best meets your hearing and lifestyle needs.

New Starkey hearing aids come with a limited warranty. Please contact your hearing aid specialist, audiologist or ENT to get details about your specific warranty plan.

New hearing aid limited warranty

All new Starkey hearing aids carry warranty coverage that includes:

  • Repair due to internal component failure
  • Repairable external damage
  • Remakes due to improper fit

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