Starkey Cares

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of people who need it most.

Starkey is a privately owned company, founded by Bill Austin. It’s built on the simple idea of helping others. Mr. Austin knew that if he created a successful business it would positively impact the lives of many, with a mission to always put the needs of the patient first.

At Starkey, we are caring, fearless and dedicated. Caring is our top value and has always been at the core of everything we do. It’s our “why” and something that we weave into every area of our company. Our passion for changing the world starts with our product innovation and comes to life through the people and communities whose lives are forever made more vibrant as a result.

We believe a more life-changing human experience starts with hearing and an enriched awareness of the world around us. We aim to have that same sort of awareness as a company - from the opportunities to innovate, to the needs of our customers, to how we address the unique challenges of our time.

Starkey Cares is our public commitment to corporate social responsibility designed to bring people together under the common bond of caring for one another. If you would like more information about the program, please email us at

Our commitments:

  • Commitment to our local communities in need
  • Commitment to our veterans and active-duty military
  • Commitment to our world

Commitment to our local communities in need

Giving the gift of hearing to our neighbors with hearing loss

Starkey was founded on the principles of helping others. At the core of our business is providing a more robust and equitable life experience to those who are hearing impaired. Starkey helps communities struggling to afford hearing aids by helping them acquire technologies that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.

Bill, White Bear Lake, MN

Bill lost one of his hearing aids during the COVID-19 global pandemic, when he removed his face mask, while out running errands. Through Starkey Cares he was so grateful to receive new hearing aids and in his words, “I can hear again!”

Keierra, Atlanta, GA

After being bullied at work because of her hearing loss, Keierra found herself at her lowest point. Starkey was able to help make an immediate impact in her life and give her hearing she has never known. Click above to watch her story.

Enrique, Farmington, MN

Enrique was diagnosed with MS in 2012. He has been blessed with neighbors and friends who assist him. He had a friend call about our program and bring Enrique in to our Eden Prairie office to receive hearing aids. Enrique said, “I’ve fallen in love with them (my hearing aids). They have everything!”

Commitment to our veterans & active-duty military

Helping our American heroes

As the only American-owned hearing aid company, Starkey believes that those who dedicate their lives in service of our country deserve our gratitude and assistance as they navigate their service careers and eventually move into the next chapter of their lives.

As such, Starkey supports veterans organizations in the United States through sponsorships, partnerships and bringing the best in American innovation to those who helped us safeguard it.


Commitment to our world

Innovative solutions to address the issues of our time

What we offer the world is only effective if it reaches the individuals for whom we create our products — and that these individuals come from a variety of different backgrounds, geographies, and economic statuses.

As a company that is focused on caring for others, our employees are at the heart of serving. Employee service is lived each day through our 5,000 employees located around the globe who devote volunteer hours as they support local and global organizations.

We proudly donate and support other organizations and charities such as: