It Starts With Why

In my first day of Intro into Marketing at the University of Minnesota Duluth, my professor asked everyone to take out a piece of paper and copy his illustration on the white board. He drew one large circle, a smaller circle inside and even smaller circle inside of that. From the outside in, he wrote the words: WHAT, HOW and WHY.  “This is the golden circle. This model will be the foundation of your marketing career,” said my professor. Four years later, this model is still the center of my motivation; it’s the center of most companies’ motivation.

It’s easy to tell someone what you do. It’s just as easy to tell someone how you do. Why you do it is a tougher subject to explain. Every decision we make, even the thought-to-be-involuntary ones, has a reason of why behind it. Every business has a reason of why they do what they do. When first looking at a business, consumers recognize what they do, but there’s more purpose behind their products or services. The “why” provides value and trust to the consumer, much more than the “what” and the “how.”

At Starkey Hearing Technologies, we’ve used this model to define our company with the tagline, “Hearing is our concern.” These four short words displayed why we existed as a company, why we minded specific values and why we strived to be the best in the industry. We don’t show up to work to just make and sell hearing aids; we show up to work for the cause of hearing around the world. Our drive to develop technology and provide legendary customer service is the foundation of our culture. It gives us our “why.” We wake up every day feeling inspired by our why. 

By Starkey Hearing