Interviewing Tips

Interviewing someone takes just as much craft as being interviewed. It’s more than just asking the right questions. Using good interviewing skills and techniques while asking the right questions will better ensure that you offer the job to someone who is the best fit for the company.

There’s a difference between people who want the job and people who are right for the job. Which would you rather hire? Being an active listener and being able to probe questions to the answers you’ve been given will help you identify that difference.

Remember, interviews should be a conversation, not an interrogation. Develop rapport with the interviewee by being personable and welcoming. Create a comfortable environment by offering the candidate a refreshment. Be sure to be aware of your body language – is it giving a good impression of the company? Ensure the candidate is fully informed about the role and the company without coming off as intimidating. Before the candidate exits, thank them for coming and explain the next steps of the interview process.

Sometimes good performers are not always good interviewers. Keep this in mind while you interpret the information given by the candidate during the interview. All personal biases should be set aside, no questions asked. Holding onto these biases can cloud your assessment of the candidate’s ability to fulfill the job. When in doubt, ask more detailed questions. These types of questions will allow you to better recognize their experience, knowledge, personality and most importantly, their attitude. 

By Starkey Hearing