Important Questions to Ask About Hearing Aid Costs, Warranties, and Return Policies

When you’re meeting with a hearing care professional, questions about your hearing loss and types of hearing aids are usually top-of-mind. But don’t forget to ask questions about hearing aid costs, warranties and return policies. We've listed some potential questions below to think about and ask your hearing professional during the buying process.

  1. How are hearing instruments priced? How do the costs break down?
  2. Does my insurance status provide any hearing aid or evaluation benefits?
  3. What information do I need about buying and changing batteries?
  4. What’s the return or trial period on the hearing instruments I’m purchasing? For more information on what your state requires, search on the following keywords: "Your state name, dispensing law summary."
  5. Will service fees be refunded if I return the hearing instruments? What is covered in these fees, and how much can I expect to pay?
  6. Do you provide a written contract or purchase agreement?
  7. Is there a warranty? Who honors the warranty, the dispenser or the manufacturer?
  8. Is financing available for buying hearing instruments?
  9. Can I get insurance in case my hearing aids are lost or damaged?
  10. What’s the average lifespan of digital hearing aids?
  11. What happens if my hearing aids stop working?
  12. If necessary, who will repair my hearing aids? What will it cost?
  13. How will I get my hearing instruments repaired when I’m traveling?
  14. Will I be provided with loaner hearing instruments while mine are being repaired?

Asking these questions will leave you confident that you did the proper research and will make a sound hearing aid purchase.


By Starkey Hearing