10 Sounds You Might Miss with Hearing Loss

Falling rain on a roof

In most cases, hearing loss symptoms occur slowly over time, often impacting high-frequency sounds first.  Common "noise" and sounds become harder to pick up and soon it may begin impacting social interaction. Over the past few weeks, I thought about some of the everyday sounds I typically take for granted and began to wonder about the little things I would be missing. Here is my list.

Bacon sizzling on a frying pan     

A child's first words

A cardinal singing in the early morning

The crackling of a bonfire

The ping of a metal bat at a Little League baseball game

Dripping of a coffee machine

Ticking of a grandfather clock

TV on average volume

Your neighbors lawnmower on an early weekend morning

Okay, while not every sound can be pleasant, this list give you a better idea of the types of sounds you might not miss with even a small amount of hearing loss.  Even small things like those above , that you might not even know you are missing, can start to affect the quality of  your life. If you have begun to notice that you may be missing some of these common sounds, you may want to consider getting your hearing checked by a hearing professional.

What sounds would you miss most with hearing loss?

Or have you been recently fitted with hearing aids and began to pick up on sounds you were missing before?

By Starkey Hearing