Build Upon Success

Companies evolve over time. Much like people, they never stay the same. They start small and grow up, experiencing many things that will shape who they become. They experience life cycles and can ultimately become extinct if they fail to adapt to different changes and circumstances happening around them.

The hearing aid industry is currently in a state of change. Our mission at Starkey Hearing Technologies is to adapt to the ebbs and flows of change and position our organization for sustained growth and a prosperous future. That’s part of the reason we hold our annual Global Business Conference (GBC).

The GBC allows us to analyze the state of the hearing industry and plan for changes that lay ahead. We examine the variables that will shape our industry, along with our ability to continue providing industry leading service and technology to our customers and patients, a fantastic work environment for our employees and the promise of growth and prosperity for our company.

The GBC epitomizes Starkey’s culture – a culture that strives for continuous improvement. It’s a culture that aims to be “Better Today Than Yesterday, Better Tomorrow Than Today.” When a company is able to meet these standards, it begins to manage it’s own destiny.

By capitalizing on the strengths of our greatest assets, our employees, experiences, resources and commitment, we can create a stable, focused environment where everyone shares a common vision and has the same goals for the entire organization. This is the key to reaching the pinnacle of success.

Staying on top is another matter. Maximizing our capabilities as a global company through a shared vision, universal goals and initiatives like the GBC will allow Starkey to maintain continued success and a long, healthy life cycle.

By Starkey Hearing