Love and Audiology

At Starkey Hearing Technologies, we feel fortunate to work with some of the most talented hearing care professionals in the world. Each and every day these individuals do life-changing work by helping patients hear and communicate better.

As we celebrate love on Valentine's Day, we recently asked a simple question: What do you love most about working in the hearing industry?” Here are some of our favorite answers:

Melody Martin, Martin Hearing: "I love the hearing industry as I am able to be an agent of change for the patient."

Todd Burdette: “Simply having the opportunity to help individuals overcome barriers that can be associated with hearing loss.”

LesliAnna Thompson, National Institutes of Health: “Providing the resources and support needed to individuals with a hearing loss that sadly I didn't receive as child when I was first diagnosed.”

Natalie Phillips, Advanced Otolaryngology and Audiology: "I am thankful to have found this industry. To work in as it allows me to guide people into empowering themselves for better communication and overcoming their tinnitus and sound sensitivity. I am grateful for our partnership with great manufacturers such as Starkey Hearing Technologies to collaborate and support each other, learn together, provide funds and hearing aids for those who are not able to afford them, and above all, make this a FUN and HIP industry to be a part of! I love this industry as we are always learning something new and willing to share with others in the field!"

Teresa Paglia Perry, Total Hearing Care: "I never thought I would be in this career path but the more I learned about the world of hearing, the more I was excited to pass my knowledge along to my patients. Educated patients become enthusiastic about hearing aids and then become excited about hearing again! I love when I can share the excitement of welcoming them back to the world of hearing!"

Tom Meier: "It is a rare privilege indeed to be enabled to gift the world of better hearing to those in need. When my calling and vocation became one blended together...then, like Bill Austin, I realized why I am here at this place in time." 

Lilian Pacheco Scherer: “The best part of my job is to be an enabler - assisting in improving my patient's quality of life.”

Jim Singleton, NewSound Hearing Centers: "I love making a difference in people's lives."

Lance Sanchez, Starkey Hearing Foundation: "For me, it's about plugging people back into their favorite activities like church or enjoying conversations at restaurants and family gatherings. A lot of people withdraw. I love to help!"

Audiology and Hearing Aid Services Savannah: "We love making a positive impact on a person's life!"

Tina Converse Gardella: "Nothing is better than seeing someone hear again! The emotions that they just can't hide, the excitement that you get to see when you turn on the sound, the love that comes from their loved one, the stories that you get to share. This field is just amazing. I get to share both sides."

Larissa Jurtshuk, El Paso VA Health Care System: "I'm both an audiologist and a hearing aid wearer and there's nothing like giving the sounds a person was missing back to them!"

ABC Hearing: "30 years as an audiologist in the UK and I still love my job! The grin from ear to ear when you give back someones hearing, the difference you get to make in people's lives, the confidence you give people back just by improving their hearing, and best of all, you get to leave the world having made it a better place for some. What more could you want from a job and how lucky are we?!"

Regina VanderKlok, Knapp Hearing Aids: "I have worked for Knapp Hearing Aids for 28 years. When you fit someone with hearing aids you never get tired of hearing them say, "What is that noise?" We live in a hearing world, its awesome to go to work and help someone hear. The stories never get old, only better. With the new digital hearing aids, we are able to fit the most difficult losses."

Jane A. Bowman: "For me it's seeing the patient's face when their loved one speaks to them and they actually hear what was said. It gets me every time. Whether they are young or old. I will always remember the one where the hearing-impaired little boy with his new hearing instruments on, looked his daddy right in the eye after his daddy spoke to him. Daddy fell apart and said, "That's the first time he has looked at me when I spoke his name." There was not a dry eye in my office that day. That's why I do what I do. Almost 28 years in the business and I love helping the hearing impaired. Thank you Starkey for giving us the very best technology."

Pamela Keenan: "Making a difference in people's lives!"

Dena Louise Miller, K&K Hearing Associates: "The joy/surprised look on a person's face when they finally hear for the first time in years!"

Alina Phoenix: "As someone who is hearing impaired and a hearing professional, I can see both sides. I have a life-long hearing impairment that seriously impacted my entire life. As a result of my loss, I developed severe depression and anxiety which really cut me off from the world. I finally got help at the age of 30, and it changed my life completely. I don't have the crippling depression and anxiety anymore. I can function in social situations and I no longer need to introduce myself as hearing impaired when I meet new people. Getting help for my hearing changed my life so much for the better that I was inspired to become a hearing specialist, so I can help others the same way. Our hearing impacts everything about our lives, socially, emotionally, mentally and physically. When we have a loss, it's not easy to see everything it touches. I hope to help educate others about the importance of hearing - both protecting what we have and getting help when we have a loss - because we just don't know what we're missing until we get the help we need. Hearing well just makes life better, and I'm privileged to be able to improve people's lives this way."

If you work in the hearing industry, what do you love about it? If you're a hearing aid wearer, what do you love about your hearing care professional? Tweet us or tell us on Facebook!

By Starkey Hearing