What You Love About Halo Made for iPhone Hearing Aids

Halo Made for iPhone Hearing Aids and the TruLink Hearing Control App have been available to the public for just over three weeks now and we’ve received great feedback from both hearing care professionals and Halo wearers! Last week on Facebook and Twitter, we asked you to share what you love about Halo and TruLink. Here are just a few of the great comments you sent us.

Julie Eschenbrenner, Au.D., Flatirons Audiology: "In my 16 years in practice as an audiologist, I have never been more "wowed" by a hearing aid. I even took a pair home to try after making my office staff try them. I can't wait to share this technology!"

Rayl Barker, Halo wearer: "I've been wearing a brand new pair of Halos about a week now after wearing the competition's for about three weeks. To me, there is a lot to like, especially the TruLink app that is way better designed. An example is always seeing the battery status in the upper right of every screen as opposed to buried under menus. Congrats to the TruLink designers!"

Michael Pierce, Halo wearer: "I'm on my 9th day of using a pair of Halo i110s. The actual "hearing aid" function is marvelous! My first day, driving home from my audiologist, was almost a tearful experience. The wind and road noise that I had become accustomed to was almost nonexistent. I could understand the words to songs on the radio and converse with my passengers without ANY difficulty! After a couple of tweaks on my follow up visit, I can attest that these are marvelous and I'm glad that Starkey was one of the few, first adopters of this technology. And, they're made in the USA. It's all good."

Angela Martin, staff member at Hearing Associates: "To witness hearing technology become what it is today is fascinating! We fit our first Halo user last week and the patient is super happy!"

Dave McCarroll, Halo wearer: "I’m in my 3rd week as a proud Starkey Halo i110 wearer. I switched from a competitor and have found these are much more powerful and crisper. The TruLink app is so much better in its layout and it WORKS. Thanks, Starkey. This baby boomer is a very happy camper!"

D’Anne Rudden, Au.D., Longmont Hearing and Tinnitus Center: "Wearing them out and about has been a blast! As an audiologist, I love telling people about them and watching their faces light up. Comments like, "OMG! I want those!" from 20-somethings are making me so excited to share this with the world!"

Bob Holland, Halo wearer: "Received my Halos a couple weeks ago and love being able to adjust them on the spot. The pre-set for car works great."

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By Starkey Hearing