Todd's Halo Hearing Aid Success Story

Today’s post comes from Todd Chamberlain, a Halo wearer who contacted us on our Facebook page to share his experience. We asked Todd if we could share his story and he and his wife were eager to tell us more!

Be sure to check out the recent New York Times article discussing Halo and featuring a quote from Todd!

Todd: “The Halo Made for iPhone Hearing Aids are the best hearing aids I have ever worn! When my audiologist, Dr. Walt Horan, suggested that I try the Halo hearing aids I couldn’t wait to try the technology that would allow me to control my hearing aids with an iPhone app. I appreciate the fact that I don’t have a separate remote to carry in my pocket. I prefer not to carry much with me, so having the hearing aids connect directly with my cell phone is an awesome concept. Yet, I still have the ability to customize my listening experience without having to set appointment after appointment to get the settings to my liking. Halo and TruLink have far surpassed my original expectations. The sound is amazing and the ability to have music play directly into my hearing aids is a great added bonus. I can't recommend Halo enough! I have been telling everyone to check the devices out. Thank you for making such an amazing product!”

Shana: “When Todd’s audiologist told him about Halo, he was so excited about the possibilities. He is so happy with these hearing aids. With four kids it tends to get hectic around our house but he doesn't struggle to have a conversation over the chaos anymore. Being able to have a conversation go directly to his hearing aids makes talking on the phone so much less stressful.”

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By Starkey Hearing