Wireless Streaming Never Sounded Soooooo Good

Music can conjure a range of positive emotions and just make you feel GOOD. A movie can quickly transport you to another world. A phone call, with a close friend, can take an ordinary day and make it extraordinary. Most people can easily and seamless do any of the aforementioned activities, but this has not always been the case for individuals with hearing loss who wear hearing aids. Since the introduction of wireless technology in hearing aids, a whole new world of connectivity has opened up for individuals with hearing loss to connect them back to the sounds of their lives.

Starkey introduced wireless hearing aid technology in 2011 and every year since it has only gotten better (learn all about our new MFi Halo & Trulink Technology). One of the biggest benefits of wireless is the ability to stream direct-audio input from a device (ex. MP3 player, cell phone, television) to hearing aids (to learn how this works click here). The result? Users are able to stream phone calls, music, television, almost any audio source to their hearing aids in stereo sound without having to wear any unsightly hardware!

BUT there is a catch, to ensure an enjoyable streaming experience it is highly recommended that a hearing aid memory be programmed to optimize the sound quality of a direct-audio input. Why? Because a direct-audio input follows a different processing path than sounds that are picked up normally through the microphones on the hearing aids. This can result in an impoverished streaming sound quality experience for the listener. Most often listeners report there isn’t enough bass. 

To experience the difference click the audio files below: 



Fortunately, a hearing healthcare professional can craft a specialized memory with the hearing aid programming software. All the user has to do is switch to that memory when they begin streaming direct-audio to their hearing aids. In some cases, the professional can even automate the memory so the user doesn’t have to do any additional work.

Together, wireless technology and a hearing healthcare professional can provide hearing aid users the ability to rock out to their favorite tunes, watch a Disney classic, or catch up with an old friend seamlessly and with excellent sound quality! 


By Starkey Hearing