Two hearing aids are better than one

We have two ears for a reason. Just as your field of vision and depth perception are better with two eyes, being able to hear with both ears allows for a balanced and full sound experience. Hearing loss in one ear does happen, but binaural (both ears) loss is far more common. Most hearing care professionals recommend two hearing aids in almost every case they see.

Thanks to our advanced technology, Starkey hearing aids are equipped to work together and communicate with each other. With two hearing aids, your hearing will sound more natural and will replicate the normal way we hear.

Starkey wearer Carol was fit with Halo Made for iPhone hearing aids in March 2014. She initially did not think she was a candidate for two hearing aids because she didn’t think her hearing was that bad. With coaching from her loved ones and her hearing care professional, she decided to try two and ended up being very happy with her decision. Recently, she lost one device during a windy walk. She experienced firsthand the importance of two devices and shared her story with us:

Wearing hearing aids has significantly enriched my life. The woodland songbirds, seemingly quite silent in recent years, are actually continuing their melodious singing, and now I can hear their faintest chirps. The first time I heard music and phone conversation stream directly to my hearing aids was an amazing experience. The music is brighter and fuller; the phone conversation unimpeded by surrounding noise. Conversation with grandchildren now flows much more smoothly as I no longer need to frequently ask for clarification.

Unfortunately as I was recently taking a long walk, I lost one hearing aid. I didn’t realize I had lost the device because the wind was very strong. I became aware that it was gone when I took a phone call and could only hear conversation in one ear. Now I can attest to the distinct advantage of wearing two. With one hearing aid, it is far more difficult to locate the source of sounds. I again need to increase the volume of the radio and TV, which unfortunately can be an annoyance to my friends and family. I am less able to distinguish song lyrics and variations of musical instruments and I have trouble hearing individual voices in a group conversation. I am totally convinced that wearing two hearing aids affords a far richer, more meaningful life.

Thankfully, Carol is back to two hearing aids and is again hearing her best! For more information on binaural hearing, contact your hearing care professional or locate a provider near you here.

By Starkey Hearing