What I’ve Learned About Hearing Loss

Nothing is more important to us that the thoughts and feedback of the people who wear our products. We recently asked our social media community to share one thing they’ve learned about hearing aids and hearing loss. The responses were so heartfelt and meaningful that we had to compile a few to share! Have something to add? Write us a note in the comments below!

“My daughter was diagnosed with hearing loss at birth. I would sometimes refuse to put her hearing aids on just so people wouldn't ask questions while we were out. But I knew in order for her to learn and speak well she needed to wear them all the time. She is now 14; she has been my blessing in disguise and her hearing aids are her best friend. My family and I have learned that having a family member with hearing loss requires a little more attention, and that's OK with us. Thank God for hearing aids.” – Desiree L.

“Do we, as a society, value perceived aesthetics over the ability to communicate, connect and understand each other? I think not. We get our eyes checked yearly and should do so with our ears, too. Be deeper than an empty pleasant nod and smile. Don't settle for being a spectator in life. Be a participant, get tested and if needed, fitted. Be connected with the ones you love. Stop missing important moments.” – Richard B.

“Fact: you get what you pay for. If you value your hearing then money should not be a factor. I made that decision and my Starkey Halo hearing aids have given back my ability to live comfortably in this very noise-intensive world.” – Dave M.

“If you lose your sight you lose contact with things, but if you lose your hearing you lose contact with people.” – Marquis L.

“My hearing aids have helped me not only personally but professionally. At first I thought hearing aids were for seniors, however, I have found that acknowledging that I have hearing loss has improved my life. They're not embarrassing; I wear them with pride now that I can hear my surroundings. Not to mention the Bluetooth function is outstanding.” – Deniz A.

“Having a daughter with hearing loss has made my family learn to be better speakers – looking directly at the person you are talking to, speaking clearly and not shouting at someone who has a hearing aid.” – Christy W.

“The hearing aids of today can change your life! Thanks to my Starkey Halos, I can now hear sounds that I have never heard in my entire life. For example, my oven beeps each time I press a button...who knew? Even if you’ve had hearing aids before, the new technology will redefine the way you hear! Thanks, Starkey for continuing to be innovative so the world CAN hear!” – Lanie B.

“Hearing loss makes your family and friends suffer as much as you. Because of my hearing loss, my children grew up repeating themselves all the time.” – Mike T.

“There are six million people in the U.S. ages 18-44 with hearing loss, and around 1.5 million are school age. I can attest to that statement. I've worn a hearing aid since I was 9. My newest one that I've had for a few weeks is a pretty red RIC and it's amazing! I love all the technology that's advanced so far in the past few years!” – Susanne G.

“I have learned through my daughter’s hearing loss that she is the strongest person I know. She is 9 and nothing holds her back.” – Lauren F.

“I wish I would have gotten my hearing aid sooner. I was too vain to get it because I was only in my 40s but I really missed hearing so much. Please don't let vanity keep you from missing out on someone’s words.” – Maria S.

“I've learned so much through my 2-year-old with unilateral hearing loss. We are all unique individuals and God has blessed us with an amazing little boy who does not let his hearing loss slow him down. I am so thankful for the technology in hearing aids, and the specialists who help us on our hearing loss journey!” – Laura O.

“When I got my Starkey hearing aids I lost a word from my vocabulary. The word is, “Huh?” I don't have to use it anymore because I was fitted with the best device for me.” – Joe B.

“I started noticing that I could not hear well when visiting my 89-year-old dad. I'm 61 and I couldn't hear the TV. My dad wears hearing aids and could hear it fine. I had my ears checked and sure enough I needed them. Since I'm disabled due to a stroke a few years ago I didn't have the money or insurance to get hearing aids. Then I heard about the Hear Now Program and I was fortunate to receive my hearing aids from Starkey Hearing Foundation! I was so amazed about how many things I wasn't hearing!” – Cathy R.

“Hearing loss is all about being open to change. Change your batteries, domes and wax guards often! Change your mind about wearing them in the rain (oh, the sounds of splashing on rooftops!). Change embarrassment to empowerment; stop pretending you can hear or isolating yourself to avoid poor hearing situations, and change your life by admitting you need help. Talk to an audiologist and get some hearing aids to hear what you've been missing.” – Lynette T.

“Sudden hearing loss can be devastating. It took me a couple of months to realize I needed some help. My Halo connects to my iPhone and I have an active, normal life. Crowds are fine, and so are the sounds from the toaster and microwave. Living life again. Thank you!” – Wilma D.

“I learned that there can be a blessing in hearing loss. I went to a lecture in the summer and couldn't hear much so instead of getting upset I listened with my heart. I watched the body language and listened to the tones and became a totally present listener. It was a beautiful lesson for me.” – Heather R.

“My daughter was born with a hearing loss and our family has learned many things. Like enunciating our words, facing her when we talk to her, and just not taking for granted the gift of hearing. Thank you Starkey.” – Kim M.

“I have been wearing Starkey hearing aids for 19 years and I’m on my third set. After two analog sets I am now wearing digital aids. I love them. I can hear much clearer and so many more sounds. My quality of life has improved since I started wearing hearing aids. I didn't know what I was missing out on. Thank you so very much Starkey for making such a wonderful product that helps so many people enjoy a quality life!” – Nancy B.

“I've learned that patience means everything when you have hearing loss. Not just for you but for those around you. I've also learned that a sense of humor is key, especially when you answer a different question than what was really asked. In my case having severe tinnitus on top of moderate to severe hearing loss is quite a challenge even with hearing aids. However, I have learned to count my blessings, not my losses.” – Dawn J.

“When you lose your hearing you feel isolated and many other feelings. With my Starkey hearing aids I feel like I have recaptured all that I thought I had lost!” – Kevin M.

“I think one of the first things people need to do when they first get hearing aids is to take them out every now and then and rest. All of sudden you are hearing everything and that can be nerve-wracking! Just don't give up.” – Kay M.

“Just got my hearing aid two week ago from Starkey. When I got my digital hearing aid fitted, I heard so many sounds that I never heard. After meeting with my audiologist, I was with my wife waiting for our ride. I heard a truck that just went by the building and I asked my wife, ‘What is that noise?’ She said, ‘That was the truck just passing by, dear.’ Wow, talk about a powerful hearing aid! I am looking forward to hearing so many new sounds that I never heard before.” – Daishun B. 

By Starkey Hearing