New TruLink Hearing Control App for Apple Watch

If you’re like us, you’ve been watching and waiting for the release of the Apple Watch. The latest smart gadget from Apple is one of the most personal technology devices Apple has created yet. With incredible technology, this high-quality smart watch is the first of Apple’s products to bring satisfaction for the tech-savvy consumer in the form of a wearable.

But what’s even more exciting is just like iPhone, iPad and iPod, the Apple Watch will bring additional functionality for our TruLink Hearing Control app.

The TruLink app for iPhone works seamlessly with Halo hearing aids to provide remote control functionality, memory geotagging and so much more. TruLink’s compatibility with Apple Watch provides hearing aid users with additional flexibility and versatility, allowing users to adjust their hearing aids quickly and easily without having to physically touch the hearing aid or let anyone know they are wearing them.

Some features of the TruLink App for iPhone include:

  • Easily adjust sound settings at any location by moving your finger around the SoundSpace screen to change the volume (high or low) and bass and treble presence.
  • Use TruLink Memories to create personalized geotagged memories that will remember the geographical location and sound settings you created for that place (e.g., coffee shop memory kicks in when you walk into your favorite coffee shop.)
  • Swipe your fingers left or right to adjust the volume of either both hearing aids together or each hearing aid individually with the simple Remote Control screen.
  • Find your lost or misplaced hearing aids with the Find My Hearing Aids function that provides the most recent location and time recorded.

Apple Watch features
In addition to the TruLink features available on your iPhone, you can do the following with your Halo hearing aids directly through the Apple Watch: 

  • Control volume easily and effortlessly in any environment
  • Change memories to personalized settings
  • Mute hearing aid microphones

Halo hearing aids are available in two styles: a receiver-in-canal (RIC) and behind-the-ear (BTE). In addition to the Apple Watch, Halo and the TruLink app also work with many other Apple iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Find more information here.

For more information regarding Halo hearing aids please click here, or to schedule an appointment with a local hearing professional near you please visit our appointment page

 Halo Brochure

By Starkey Hearing