3 Healthy Hearing Tips As You Age

Hearing loss comes with aging, and as you grow older you ears ability to hear is diminished. But despite this unavoidable coincidence, Audiologist Carolyn Pinkerton has got three tips for healthy hearing as you get older.

1. Protect your hearing! 

When exposed to loud noise sources, wear hearing protection.  There are many options for protecting your ears including foam earplugs or noise cancelling headphones, as well as custom-made earbuds that can provide filtering of noise via electronic or non-electronic filtering.

2. Limit the listening! 

Everyone has favorite sounds, whether it’s attending a concert, taking in a car race or just sitting at home relaxing with your iPod™ on shuffle.  Dependent on the noise levels you’re exposed to, there are certain time limits that are recommended as the maximum listening time before damage to your hearing can occur.  The louder the sound- the less time you should spend around it.

Check out recommended listening times for sound levels from World Health Organization here.

3. Monitor you hearing!

Even if you don’t suspect a hearing loss right away, it’s helpful to have a baseline-hearing test performed so that it is available to compare back to a later time, perhaps when you do begin to experience hearing difficulties. If you are exposed to noise or are at risk for hearing loss, due to age or other common causes, a yearly hearing evaluation is a great way to stay ahead of any auditory deprivation.

Have more questions about healthy hearing as you age? Leave your question as a comment below, and we will have one of our audiologist’s provide an answer!

By Carolyn Pinkerton, Au.D.