10 Exciting Benefits of Halo 2

Our latest Halo™ 2 hearing aids offer a lot more than just incredible sound quality in every environment. In today's busy world, staying connected to your active lifestyle is important. These 10 features will help you stay connected throughout your day without missing a beat.

1.     You pick your sound preference

Adjust how your hearing aids sound in any setting with the SoundSpace™ feature. By simply moving your finger across the screen of your iPhone, you can adjust the sound until you find the ideal mix. Then, easily save your preferences to use next time you’re in that same setting by creating a customized memory (see #3).

2.     Hear phone calls in both ears

Using our TruLink™ app on your smartphone, you can stream phone calls directly to your hearing aids —both left and right simultaneously — to enhance and ease listening to phone conversations. 

3.     They know where you are

Once you save your sound preferences as a memory (see #1), your Halo 2 hearing aids can automatically switch to it by using the GPS on your iPhone if you have set a specific location for that memory. So every time you go to the coffee shop or into work, for instance, the sound quality will adjust automatically.

4.     Connect to your Apple Watch

Use your Apple Watch to control volume, mute your hearing aids, or change other settings right from your wrist.

5.     Enhance one-on-one conversations

For better listening during one-on-one conversations, turn on the microphone feature on your iPhone, put it near your companion, and stream the conversation directly to your Halo 2 hearing aids. You can also record, play back and email audio as it happens, or save recordings to listen to later.

6.     Listen with Siri

Have Siri read your texts and emails directly to your Halo 2 hearing aids.

7.     Find your hearing aids

Not sure where you left your hearing aids? Locate them using your iPhone with both a location and a timestamp in the TruLink app.

8.     Get notifications in real time

You can hear notifications or pings for your texts, emails, social and other apps through your Halo 2 hearing aids the moment they happen. Whether you respond right away is up to you.

9.     They know when you’re driving

If your hearing professional has programmed the Car Mode for you, your Halo 2 hearing aids can sense when you’re moving in a car, and — switching to the car mode setting — will automatically reduce the annoying sounds of car travel (like wind, etc.) with the goal of improving your driving or riding experience.

10.  Provide relief from tinnitus
Integrated controls in the TruLink app let you and your hearing professional customize a sound therapy protocol designed to offset and relieve tinnitus. You can also adjust the volume and wave modulation on your own through the TruLink app.

Want to know more about Halo 2 hearing aids? Visit our Halo 2 page here, or learn more about our TruLink app here.  

Hear more about the benefits of Halo 2 from real Halo 2 hearing aid user Tom below!

By Starkey Hearing