8 Benefits of Muse for First Time Wearers

The features inside hearing aids are pretty incredible. Hearing aids can identify noisy environments and make adjustments automatically to maximize speech and reduce noise levels — helping you stay comfortable and relaxed even in the most challenging listening environments.

Muse, our brand-new family of 900sync technology hearing aids offer a lot of benefits for patients who want variety, flexibility and personalization.  

Here are the top eight benefits of Muse:  

  1. Hear sound naturally again: High-definition audio and ear-to-ear communication preserves speech audibility to make conversations clear and enjoyable in multiple settings. Noisy restaurants, parties and sporting events — take these challenges on!
  2. Hear better anywhere: Muse hearing aids are engineered to handle multiple listening sounds simultaneously to help preserve the speech you want to hear along with the natural ambient sounds you still want to enjoy.
  3. Music is music again: With a unique music memory programmed into your Muse hearing aids, enjoy music like it’s supposed to sound. Want a more personal musical experience? Use SurfLink Media to stream music directly to your Muse hearing aids. Watch the video below to see how Muse has changed a musician’s life!
  4. Call friends and family again: Ear-to-ear phone streaming via SurfLink Mobile 2 means phone calls are once again possible. Wireless technology helps stream audio directly to your hearing aids for an easier, hands-free conversation with your friends and family.
  5. Don’t worry about the whistling: Concerned about that pesky whistling sound some hearing aids produce? Muse hearing aids protect you from annoying feedback with WhistleFree Feedback Cancellation technology so you never have to worry about your hearing aids interrupting you.
  6. Stream TV, music and more: While SurfLink Mobile 2 offers you the ability to stream your phone calls directly to your hearing aids, other SurfLink devices enable streaming of music and media (SurfLink Media 2), remote hearing aid control (SurfLink Remote) and enhanced audio of a conversation partner (SurfLink Remote Microphone). No more arguing with your spouse over the TV volume!
  7. Single-sided hearing loss: Within the Muse family line are CROS and BiCROS systems designed to help specifically with single-sided hearing loss. For those struggling with hearing loss that is single-sided or uneven, Muse offers a revolutionary hearing solution. 
  8. Tinnitus: Finally, if you suffer from tinnitus, a hissing, ringing or clicking sound in your ears, Muse utilizes tinnitus sound management technology to help provide many users with tinnitus relief. Download a free tinnitus guide for more information. 

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By Beth McCormick, Au.D.