2016 Better Hearing Month: Traveling Along the Better Hearing Journey

Better Hearing and Speech Month is here! In an attempt to raise awareness about hearing loss and discuss better hearing options, we’re dedicating each week in May to one stage of a patient's typical hearing journey. Each week will feature informative content, fun graphics and some exciting contests! Travel with us on Twitter (@starkeyhearing), Instagram (@starkeyhearing), Facebook and, of course, this blog to follow along!

Week 1 - Hearing Loss Awareness and Information: The first step in any patient’s hearing journey is the initial curiosity about hearing loss. “Do I have a hearing loss?” “Are people mumbling or am I having a hard time hearing?” “What causes hearing loss? During this first week, we’ll address and answer questions like these and more by looking at general hearing health and hearing loss information. 

Week 2 – Hearing Loss Prevention and Hearing Protection:  If something is broken, your first instinct may be to fix it. Once you’ve learned a bit about hearing loss, the next step in your journey is figuring out what to do to prevent further damage. Hearing loss prevention and hearing protection are the focus of Week 2.

Week 3 – Impact of Better Hearing: Hearing loss is irreversible, so this week will focus on people who have recently been fit with hearing aids and discuss their success with hearing gain. 

Week 4- Products and Solutions: Lastly, we will end with a focus on Starkey’s new “Made for Life” hearing solutions, powered by our new Synergy technology, and all the ways they make better hearing possible again. We will also look at some auditory rehabilitation opportunities as well to help with better speech comprehension. 


Better Hearing Month Grand Prize Contest 

The Better Hearing Journey Grand Prize Contest kicks off May 2 and the final date for entries will be Sunday, May 29. Entrants will be asked to share either the story of a friend or family member who could really use hearing help or to share their own better hearing story. One grand prize winner will be selected at random to win a Better Hearing Package! Prizes will also be awarded for second and third place. We will announce the winner on May 31 on Facebook and Twitter!

better hearing month  

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By Starkey Hearing