#HearingFactFriday: The benefits of wearing hearing aids

Dozens of studies link untreated hearing loss to negative effects, including social isolation, depression, increased falls and even dementia. If those studies aren’t enough to convince people to be vigilant and proactive about treating hearing loss, maybe one touting the benefits of wearing hearing aids will.

The National Council on Aging surveyed thousands of adults with hearing loss to “assess the impact of using hearing aids on the quality of life of the users.”

Respondents who wore hearing aids to treat their hearing loss reported:

  • Better relationships with their families
  • Better feelings about themselves
  • Improved mental health
  • Greater independence and security

Meanwhile, the non-profit Better Hearing Institute identifies numerous other benefits to treating hearing loss, including the ones in today’s infographic.  

If you’re ready to take action and start enjoying the benefits of hearing loss treatment, click here to find a local hearing healthcare professional who can help.


By Starkey Hearing