Gary's Starkey hearing success

When we think of how hearing loss can impact our lives, we often look to the larger and more obvious things such as hearing conversation in noise or no longer hearing words correctly in an important budget meeting at work. But sometimes, it’s the little things we love and often take for granted that end up being the most important and the most profoundly impacted by our hearing loss; the most benefited and enjoyed again with hearing aids. 

New York native Gary Moore began to lose his hearing about 15 years ago. He attributes his moderate, high-frequency hearing loss to time spent around jet engines while in the military and said it affected his ability to hear well sometimes while serving as a judge. “I have tried many others and did not ever think that I would like hearing aids until I got yours. The saying, you get what you pay for certainly does apply,” he said in a Facebook message. We caught up with Gary after reading his Facebook message to hear about his hearing experience!    

SHT: What difficulties did your hearing loss cause and why?

GM: Many times I would pretend that I heard what was said because it was quite embarrassing to keep saying “What?” Many times, I would have to ask someone to repeat what they said.

SHT: When did you get fit with your Starkey hearing aids?

GM: I was fit with my In-The-Ear Starkey hearing aids around five years ago by the VA, but these weren’t my first pair. I have tried many different hearing aids. I always thought I would never wear [the Starkey aids] because of my experience with cheaper models, but I could not believe the difference.

SHT: How do you like your hearing aids?

GM:  I am very happy with my hearing aids. I wear them from morning when I get up to when I retire for the night. When I first started wearing the [hearing aids], I heard sounds that seemed very loud  — it was a little strange to me. It took a couple weeks for my brain to get used to that, to adjust to the new sounds.

But I have to say, these hearing aids made life much more enjoyable, especially now that I can hear what my grandchildren are saying to me. I love the remote, good for all occasions. I love the mute button when things get too loud for me, and I am also able to control each ear, which is definitely a plus. For example, when I want to open the driver window, I mute the left one.

SHT: What is the most memorable moment with your new hearing aids?

GM: I think the most memorable moment was when I realized I could hear the birds outside again.

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By Sarah Bricker