#HearingFactFriday: Hearing aid use low despite high need

Nearly one in four adults ages 65 to 74 have a hearing loss. That number increases to 50 percent for adults age 75 and older.

Over the last ten years, studies have found direct connections between hearing loss and increased chances of falling, higher unemployment rates, lower household income, dementia, social isolation and increased depression. 

Yet, despite the overwhelming prevalence of hearing loss and evidence of its impact, many are hesitant to try hearing aids. If we look at the benefits hearing aids can provide, there’s no reason not to take advantage of a free 30-day trial today! 

Researchers have found the following benefits in regards to the use of hearing aids:

  • Improved communication
  • Improved overall physical health
  • Improved earning power
  • Improved sense of independence
  • Improved social relationships

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By Starkey Hearing