#HearingFactFriday: How long do people wait to get hearing help?

If you research or read about hearing loss or hearing aids, chances are you’ve run across the above statistic. It’s brought up often because it seems intuitively opposite of how people typically deal with health issues. If your vision becomes compromised, do you wait years to get cheaters or glasses? If you have a toothache, do you put off seeing your dentist until the pain becomes unbearable? Do you let headaches grow in intensity, or try to nip them in the bud with analgesics?

Hearing loss, though, is handled differently. Maybe because it usually comes on slower and is easier to “work around” using various coping methods.

But many studies have shown — and many experts have written about — why waiting to treat hearing loss is ill advised. Untreated hearing loss is linked to many “bigger” health issues, including depression, social isolation, increased risk of falling and more. Whereas treating loss has been shown to positively impact many vital quality-of-life issues, such as better relationships with family and friends, improved confidence and others.

Today, with the information we know, there’s no reason to wait so long to seek help.

 Start by taking a free hearing test, and when you're ready, click here to schedule a free consultation with a hearing professional in your area.

By Starkey Hearing