#HearingFactFriday: Treating hearing loss can improve self confidence

When you think of reasons people wait to get hearing aids, some say it’s because they’re afraid of how the hearing aids may make them look. But today’s hearing aids are so small, you can barely see them — even those that sit behind the ear. Some hearing aids are even virtually invisible — like SoundLens Synergy.

But what’s more noticeable than hearing aids? How about missing key assignments in a budget meeting? Or what about when you miss the punch line to a joke and sit quietly while everyone else around you laughs? And as your hearing loss causes you to miss more and more, you may eventually find yourself losing your confidence.  

Treating hearing loss with hearing aids has been shown to improve one’s overall confidence and desire to be social. Hearing aids are designed to help you hear better so you can keep your relationships strong, approach any situation with squared shoulders and a positive mind. 

Learn more about how treating your hearing loss can help you get your confidence back. And, when you’re ready, contact your local hearing professional for a free 30-day trial on a pair of hearing aids. 


By Starkey Hearing