#HearingFactFriday: Which day of Christmas is the loudest?

OK, we’ll admit, we don’t have definitive proof that the fact above is true, mostly due to the potential for variables. But if you take them at their most basic, we feel pretty comfortable ranking the days this way, from softest to loudest:

1. Golden rings — We’re going to assume they’re just sitting on a table and not part of a wind chime.

2. Maids a milking — As long as they’re not whistling while they work.

3. Tie: Partridge in a pear tree, turtle doves, French hens, swans a swimming and geese a laying — We know that technically there are more swans than partridges, doves, hens or geese, but we’re going to call this one a wash anyway.

4. Calling birds — The fact that they’re actively “calling” puts them ahead of our other feathered friends.

5. Tie: Ladies dancing and lords a leaping — So many questions here: what is the accompanying music? Are they wearing clogs? Leaping on the ground or a wooden stage? Too tough to call.

6. Pipers piping — Flutes and/or recorders are definitely quieter than drums, right?

7. Drummers drumming — grab the nearest hearing protection now!

From us to you, have a wonderful holiday weekend!

By Starkey Hearing