Daymond John celebrates his new Halo 2 hearing aids, helps destroy hearing aid stigma

A renowned business leader, global innovator and powerful CEO, Daymond John opened up to CNN Money about his hearing loss and how his Halo 2 hearing aids have transformed his life earlier this year.

John realized his hearing loss was a problem after attending an event hosted by Starkey Hearing Foundation. “I’d often think people were mumbling or something wasn’t on that loud,” he said in the article. “But at the event, they invited everyone to try on a hearing device, and it was like night and day. I was suffering from tinnitus [ringing-ear-syndrome] in one ear and something else was going on in the other.”

For the last two years, John has worn our Made for iPhone hearing aids, Halo, and more recently, the brand-new Halo 2. On Tuesday, December 13, he was fit with a new pair of hearing aids, red Halo 2 devices that inspired him to reach out to his following on Instagram and encourage them to take action about their own hearing health.

Daymond John's new red hearing aids from Starkey

I love music!  I have been partying, attending concerts and wearing headphones while listening to music way too loud ever since I was a child. So like many of us, my hearing is not what it should be. 3 years ago I started wearing @StarkeyHearing Halos because they not only amplify my hearing, but I can also connect them to my iPhone and listen to my music, audio books and anything else quietly. 

Once I started wearing them, I was shocked at how many people approached me about them. Many of the people clearly knew that they or a loved one had a loss of hearing but were too embarrassed to wear a hearing device because they were afraid of what people would think. That makes absolutely no sense to me. Why would you ever miss all the beautiful sounds of life because of what somebody else thinks? I decided that I want to be somebody that helps break the stigma that only seniors need these type of devices. Especially when today's technology allows you to do so much more with them by connecting to your smartphone. So I asked Starkey to hook me up with a special pop color pair that didn't blend in with my skin like my brown pair did. I want to make sure people noticed them when they see me.

Today my brand new red Halos came in and I'm ready to rock!! So if you have somebody in your life that is afraid of what people think if they wear hearing devices, then use me as an example. When you see them on me, tell them to get with the times.

To be clear, I have a great relationship with Starkey, but I have absolutely no ownership and I am not getting paid for this post. If you choose not to buy a Starkey product, that's ok. The point here is to share with the people you love with hearing loss that life is way too short to not enjoy all the beautiful aspects of it to the fullest. Push them to get their hearing checked and let them know that what other people think should be the last thing they should ever listen to! Pun intended:-) DJ”

An inspiring role model for the 360 million people worldwide with hearing loss, John’s Instagram post reminds us (like this post) that hearing aids are something to be proud of.


By Sarah Bricker