#HearingFactFriday: Social life benefits of treating hearing loss

We are naturally social creatures. Whether it’s a date with our loved one, a movie night out with friends, or grabbing some drinks during happy hour with coworkers, we thrive on social interaction. And our hearing plays a role in how we engage with others around us.

How hearing impacts our social tendencies

  • How well we can understand and keep up with our friends during conversations.
  • Our ability to fully follow the story in a newly released movie.
  • How secure we feel in large groups and noise.
  • Feeling like part of the group or feeling left out for missting a joke, or two or three
  • The energy we have by the end of the night.

All these things can be affected by hearing loss.

When you have hearing loss, you may start to miss important words or phrases. You may struggle to keep up with conversations in noise, or follow along with a film you’ve never seen. You may feel tired at the end of the night, simply from trying to listen, and as you miss something funny one time too many, you may start to feel like an outsider with even your closest friends.

A study by the American Academy of Audiology has shown that for adults age 50 and older, those with untreated hearing loss were more likely to report depression and anxiety and less likely to participate in organized social activities when compared to those who treated their hearing loss with hearing aids. This is because untreated hearing loss can make social settings extremely difficult and tiring to navigate.

Hear better with hearing aids

Hearing aids have been shown to help alleviate a lot of the depression, anxiety and social isolation hearing loss can create. The same American Academy of Audiology study found that participants who used hearing aids reported significant improvements in their lives including their relationships at home and at work, their sense of independence, their self-confidence and their social life. Furthermore, the same users’ families reported even higher rates of improvement with their loved ones’ hearing aid use.

With so many benefits to be gained by treating hearing loss with hearing aids, why wait? Contact your local hearing professional today and learn more about the great benefits hearing aids can provide!

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By Starkey Hearing