First Person: Halo hearing aids for Jean

Today on our blog, we are excited to share Jean’s story. Jean is currently wearing Halo Made for iPhone® behind-the-ear hearing aids in both ears. She hopes that sharing her journey to better hearing will encourage others to get their hearing checked and give hearing aids a try if they do have hearing loss.

It took a while to do something about my hearing loss

My family members were constantly pointing out my hearing loss. I think it was just their way of encouraging me to get my hearing tested. But I wasn’t ready. I waited for years, thinking I was getting by just fine. My daughter always seemed to be pointing out that I wasn’t following a conversation. She would also point out if I replied to someone incorrectly.

The reminders became more frequent, and I eventually had to admit that I was having difficulty understanding words, especially high-pitched, soft voices. I would nod and agree as if I was following the conversation, but I wasn’t really, and often responded inappropriately. I work as a nanny, and I was always asking the children I care for to repeat themselves. The children would get frustrated when I wasn’t able to hear them. I was also concerned that I couldn’t hear the baby upstairs when she woke up from a nap. She would wake up without me knowing, and I wasn’t able to hear her until she became frustrated and cried.

Jean, with her grandaughter here, enjoys how her hearing aids help her granddaughter's laughter again.

I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long

I eventually listened to my daughter and had my hearing tested. Turns out she was right all along! I did have hearing loss! A high-frequency hearing loss in both ears that could be helped with hearing aids. 

It’s been ten years since I started wearing hearing aids. And looking back, I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long. I waited because I was worried that other people would see my hearing aids, but no one even notices! Not even children, and children notice everything! Even when I see my family doctor for routine exams, I often forget I am wearing them, and have to be reminded to take them out so he can look in my ears.

Hearing your best is worth the investment

It was actually my family doctor who referred me to an audiologist to have my hearing checked. The hearing evaluation was quick and easy and the hearing test was covered by my insurance. If you are like I was, and still on the fence about having your hearing tested or wearing hearing aids, I hope you reconsider. You will not regret the decision. Hearing your best is worth the investment.

Things in life are so much more enjoyable now that I am not struggling to understand conversations. I recently became a grandmother, and I cannot imagine not being able to hear my granddaughter’s sweet coos. Visiting my son and his family out of state makes the time I do get to spend with them even more precious. I feel so fortunate that I corrected my hearing loss before my granddaughter’s arrival. Now, I don’t miss hearing her babbles and coos.

Buying American is important to me

I have always worn Starkey hearing aids. I was originally fit with Starkey Zons. I wore those hearing aids for seven years. When I began researching hearing aids online, I became interested in Starkey Hearing Technologies because the company is based in Minnesota, which is where I live. I am always mindful of buying local as much as I can. Starkey Hearing Technologies is American owned and operated. It’s important to me to use my money to support a company that provides jobs for thousands of families in the United States.

I also love that Starkey Hearing Technologies gives back locally and around the world. Starkey Hearing Technologies has an international charity, Starkey Hearing Foundation, that offers free hearing healthcare to people in need in the U.S. and around the world.

Jean holding her granddaughter.

Technology has come so far

I was recently fit with the new Halo hearing aids, and I cannot believe what a difference they make! I thought I was hearing well with my first set of hearing aids. I had no idea new technology could make such a big difference. With my new hearing aids, I can hear even better in busy places; I can follow conversations more easily in restaurants. 

With my old hearing aids, I would still have some trouble understanding what I heard in noisy places. My family knew to sit very close to me and make sure they got my attention before they began speaking if we were somewhere with a lot of background noise. I often felt tired and frustrated after being somewhere noisy, probably from working so hard to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

I am thrilled to be hearing better

With my Halos, I can hear the sweet voices of the children I care for more easily. With my first set of hearing aids, it was still a challenge to understand their little voices. My audiologist explained to me that their voices are higher in frequency and that is where my hearing is the worst. My new Halo hearing aids make the children’s voices easier to understand. They seem clearer. It makes me happy that I do not need to ask them to repeat themselves.

I no longer worry about missing anything

It was always hard for me to hear and understand them in a car when I was driving and they were sitting in the backseat. But now I can. I don’t feel as worried about missing something that they say with my new hearing aids. I am so thrilled with my new set of Halo hearing aids. I honestly can’t believe how much better I am hearing. My Halo hearing aids also help me hear soft spoken voices at church meetings. I can also hear my daughter when she speaks to me from another room. I couldn’t do that with my old hearing aids. I am so excited about how well I am hearing with my new Halo hearing aids.

Ready to do something about your hearing loss? Start by finding a hearing healthcare professional who can help.

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