Tech Tip: Using TruLink Beacons with Halo 2

Got a technical question about your Starkey Hearing Technologies hearing aids or accessories? Erik Miles, Starkey Hearing Technologies’ Manager of Technical Support, answers the most common ones. 

We have something pretty cool to talk about for those of you with Halo™ or Halo 2 hearing aids. TruLink™ Beacons are physical beacons you can leave somewhere that will broadcast a unique identifier to communicate with TruLink to automatically change memories in your hearing aids when you’re in range. They are easy to use and you can leave them wherever you want! For example, at your office or in your car.

Introducing TruLink beacons for use with Halo or Halo 2 hearing aids.

Setting up a beacon is pretty easy.

(1) Decide what memory you’d like to associate with the beacon or create a new one and name it appropriately (ex. Car Beacon).

(2) Tap on the chosen memory at the top left and tap on the information (i) icon to the right of the memory name.

(3) Next, tap on Memory Location. (This is the geotag options for memories).

(4) You will want to tap on “Beacon” and wait for your beacon to be found (“Found Beacons”).

(5) Tap on the TruLink Beacon once it’s discovered. (See image below).

Beacons option and description in TruLink Hearing Control App.

(6) Now, place your beacon in the location you wish to use it and forget about it! Once a TruLink Beacon is correctly paired to a memory, your Memory Summary will show something similar to the below.

Checking the signal for the TruLink Beacon.  

If you have a technical question about your Starkey Hearing Technologies hearing aids or accessories, please call our Technical Support team at 1-800-721-3573 or email them to

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