Military hearing loss

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Military hearing loss

Among military veterans, severe hearing loss and hearing-related problems like tinnitus are the most common work-related disabilities.

It's a fact – hearing loss is a growing problem for military veterans

Military personnel pay a high price personally and physically when serving our country, and in the past five years, the incidence of hearing loss among returning military personnel has increased tremendously.

In 2011, a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) illustrated that while job-related exposure to noise is a leading cause of hearing loss for all Americans, among military veterans, severe hearing loss, and hearing-related problems like tinnitus, are the most common work-related disabilities.

Veterans are 30 percent more likely to have severe hearing loss than non-veterans. Veterans who served in the United States or overseas from September 2001 through March 2010, were four times more likely than non-veterans to have severe hearing loss.*


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Starkey believes that military veterans who have paid the price of hearing loss related to military service deserve the best possible solution to their hearing problems. Don't wait to get help for tinnitus or other hearing problems. Visit the VA clinic near you and start the process to help you hear better.



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