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Welcome to better hearing!

livio-mric-iphone-thrive-appCongratulations on taking the first step in your better hearing journey! Hearing plays a major role in our quality of life, from our emotional well-being and physical health to our careers and leisure activities. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you hear better and live better.

Now that you’ve been fit with your Starkey Livio® AI or Livio hearing aids, amazing capabilities await! Below is a step-by-step guide to help you get the most out of your hearing aids, and all the wonderful features that go along with them.


About the Thrive Hearing Control app

Your Starkey Livio AI hearing aids can connect via Bluetooth® technology to a companion app called the Thrive® Hearing Control app. The Thrive Hearing Control app lets you easily control your hearing aids and do things such as:

  • Answer phone calls with the touch of a button and hear the entire conversation streaming directly to your hearing aids*
  • Stream music, TV and other media directly to your hearing aids
  • Act as a remote control, adjust volume, set and adjust personalized memories right from your smartphone

*Requires Remote Microphone + for Android phone users.

Thrive Hearing Control app setup

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to set up and connect your hearing aids with the Thrive Hearing Control app. Check your phone compatibility – to get a full list of compatible devices.

Getting to know the Thrive Hearing Control app

The Thrive Hearing Control app is a full-featured, easy-to-use app that puts you in control of your hearing aids. The home screen is your portal to hearing aid adjustments and features designed to enhance your listening experience.



Tap the Settings Menu to set preferences and access features.


The Star Icon allows access to the User Guide. Tap the star icon from any screen for help related to that specific screen.


Tap the Speech Bubble Icon or double tap to engage Thrive Assistant, an app-based assistant that can provide hands-free help for any question including those related to the hearing aids and Thrive app.


Tap the Hearing Aid Icon to view the current Connection Status for your hearing aids.


Your Current Memory is shown here. Tap the Pencil Icon to edit a memory or geotag a location for that specific memory.



The Thrive Wellness Score is made up of the Body Score and Brain Score. You can earn up to 200 points daily; 100 points for the body score and 100 points for the brain score.


Tap here to Mute and Unmute your hearing aids with one click.


This button allows you to access Comfort Boost. Comfort Boost allows you to aggressively reduce noise on demand while optimizing sound quality in environments like noisy restaurants or crowded rooms.


Increase/decrease the Volume Level of your hearing aids by moving the volume slider for each ear or by using the Slidepad (between left and right volume sliders) to adjust both sides simultaneously.

Double-tap anywhere on the slidepad to return your volume to the default level set by your hearing professional.



The Navigation Menu provides access to Fall Alert, Accessories, Thrive Score, Customize and Home.


Tap the Home icon from any screen to return to the main home screen.


Tap the Memory Menu icon to view and select memories or to create a new memory.

Video library

The powerful yet easy to use Thrive Hearing Control App puts more control in your hands. Check out our video library below for more about the Thrive app and feature functionality.

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