Hearing aids

What are some advances
in hearing aid technology?

How has hearing aid technology advanced recently?

Like many other high-tech devices (TVs, phones, computers), hearing aids have experienced a major technological revolution in the past decade and especially in the last few years.

The best of today’s hearing aids are designed to track body and brain health, virtually eliminate feedback, make listening in noisy environments easier and more comfortable, stream stereo sound from TVs and radios directly to the hearing aid itself, let you talk on your phone hands-free, and much more. Now, instruments are smaller (and in some cases, invisible), more comfortable, rechargeable and more powerful than ever.

Hearing and activity tracking

Livio AI is the first-ever hearing aid to feature integrated sensors and artificial intelligence that allows you to track physical activity and cognitive health as measured by hearing aid use.

Rechargeable hearing solutions

Starkey offers rechargeable hearing solutions that are powered by a lithium-ion battery.

Full, rich sound quality

Our latest hearing aids provide better sound quality for both speech and music.

Personalized listening experience

We all have a unique perspective of sound. By customizing the relationship of soft sounds to loud sounds for each individual, your hearing professional can greatly enhance listening comfort with today’s hearing aids.

Comfortable sound and conversation in every environment

A new advanced operating system identifies the environment you are in and automatically focuses on preserving speech. This makes hearing and understanding easier, no matter what the noise source.

Enjoy the conversation, enjoy the music!

Our hearing aids now have the ability to tell the difference between music and speech, and can automatically change settings to let you hear and enjoy music.

Music the way you like it!

Music and speech are very different. For the first time, music can be processed with all its richness and nuance to provide the best sound quality and listening experience.

Enjoy hearing your phone calls

Use your iPhone® to hear phone calls directly through your hearing aids without an intermediate device. Our smartphone-compatible hearing aids allow you to put your phone to one ear and hear the call in both ears. Improve your ability to hear, understand and connect with your world!

You have the control in your hand

Use the My Starkey app on your mobile device to quickly and easily control and personalize sound quality to your liking, no matter the setting.

Your hearing aid knows where you are

Imagine a hearing system so smart it can tell when you are at your favorite restaurant, in a place of worship, or at work, and then automatically adjusts sound quality to that environment. This feature is available with smartphone-compatible hearing aids.

Invisible options

Hearing aids continue to get smaller and more powerful. Many styles, including wireless options, rest comfortably inside your ear canal, where they are virtually invisible to others.

Everyone enjoys TV at a comfortable volume

Plug our wireless TV Streamer into your TV or stereo, and you can stream TV, music, or the game straight from the source to your hearing aids. No one else needs to hear it if they don’t want to, or if you don’t want them to.

Durable, dependable hearing aids

Our hearing aids come with Surface Nanoshield, our leading water, wax and moisture repellent. Surface Nanoshield protects hearing aids from the elements that cause them the greatest challenges, so you can wear them more and repair them less.

Customizable tinnitus relief

Starkey’s hearing aids feature our advanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology. This technology allows you and your hearing professional to customize a soothing sound stimulus designed to help manage your tinnitus.

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