Hearing loss

Are there hearing aids for
single-sided hearing loss?

Single-sided hearing loss options

CROS solution

If you're unable to hear in one ear and have normal hearing in the other ear, you may benefit from a CROS solution. You'll be able to hear sounds in your weaker-hearing ear by way of your healthy ear.

How it works:

To help you better engage in all types of listening environments, our CROS solution has a microphone that picks up sounds and voices from your weaker-hearing ear, then transmits them to a hearing aid receiver that's fitted on your good ear. No matter your position at the dinner table, or if sounds originate from your weaker-hearing side, you won't miss important sounds around you.

BiCROS solution

A BiCROS solution is also available and can benefit those with little to no hearing in one of their ears, and a hearing loss in their better ear.

How it works:

This option sends sound from a microphone, placed in your ear with little to no hearing, to a hearing aid receiver placed in your better-hearing ear. This allows you to hear from both sides. Your hearing care professional can help you determine what solution will best fit your needs and lifestyle.

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