Starkey Releases Next-Generation Sound Never Before Possible with Livio Edge AI

Improved sensors, artificial intelligence and machine learning take Livio AI to the next level

Eden Prairie, Minnesota, February 27, 2020 – Building on the success of the world’s first Healthable hearing aid, Livio AI, Starkey is pleased to announce the release of Livio Edge AI. Livio Edge AI combines the best of both worlds: industry-leading sound quality and sound processing for challenging listening environments. With a simple double tap, Edge Mode brings the power of artificial intelligence to a patient’s fingertips, by instantaneously conducting an AI-based analysis of the acoustic environment and making immediate adjustments.

“As a global leader in innovation, Starkey continues to defy the limits of what others thought was possible,” said Starkey CEO Bill Austin. “By using artificial intelligence, we’ve transformed the hearing aid into a tool that can unlock the ear’s ability to be a source of complex biological information. In doing so, we’re bridging the gap between a patient’s hearing health and their overall health and wellness.”

As part of this new product launch, Starkey is proud to introduce the world’s first 2.4 GHz lithium-ion ITC and ITE custom rechargeable hearing aids. This new rechargeable solution will bring added convenience to even more patients.

A variety of other exciting new features includes improvements to the usability and performance of the Thrive Hearing Control app, a 2.4 GHz Table Microphone with eight built-in microphones to help users enjoy group settings, and AI for all. This means Livio AI is now available in the 2000, 1600, 1200 and 1000 technology tiers.

“We are proud to be leading the hearing industry at the speed of innovation,” said Starkey President Brandon Sawalich. “Livio AI broke barriers by becoming the first hearing aid to use artificial intelligence to monitor body and brain activity. It even achieved high-profile recognition from the likes of TIME Magazine, but at Starkey, we don’t rest on our laurels. We continue to push ourselves to make the impossible possible, so we can help people live better lives through better hearing.”

For more information on the new products available now, please click here.

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