Starkey Sound Bites Examines the Research and Development Behind Starkey’s Waterproof Genesis AI Hearing Aids

Summer creates heightened awareness about the need for moisture protection

Eden Prairie, Minnesota (June 12, 2023) – Starkey’s waterproof* Genesis AI rechargeable hearing aids are offering additional peace of mind to wearers as they head into the summer season. Between pool and lake time, not to mention sweat and humidity, the summer months are a recipe for moisture. Fortunately, rigorous testing has shown Genesis AI rechargeable hearing aids can withstand the elements. In the latest episode of Starkey Sound Bites, Starkey’s Vice President of Quality and Regulatory, Brian Dahl, dives into the research and development of these devices.

“We’ve taken a distinctly different approach to waterproofing this device,” said Dahl. “That means not relying on one layer or one design feature to keep water out. Genesis AI devices have multiple layers and multiple redundant pathways that we know will keep water out in sequence. If one layer were to fail, there’s multiple other layers that will keep it dry.”

To listen to the full interview with Brian Dahl, visit or find the episode wherever you get your podcasts. To learn more about Starkey’s waterproof Genesis AI rechargeable hearing aids, you can check out this white paper and this infographic.

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