Starkey Sound Bites Decodes New Research on Hearing Aids Slowing Cognitive Decline

Industry experts explain findings of the ACHIEVE study and how it relates to hearing care professionals and their patients

Eden Prairie, Minnesota (July 25, 2023) – Starkey Sound Bites dedicated its latest episode to exploring the results of the recent groundbreaking Aging and Cognitive Health Evaluation in Elders (ACHIEVE) study. The episode features expert insights from Starkey’s Dr. Dave Fabry and Dr. Jamie Hand as they explore the long-awaited findings of the study – including a staggering 48% reduction in cognitive decline for older adults with hearing loss at an increased risk of cognitive decline, shining a light on the power of early intervention.

“My parents were more worried about cancer and cardiovascular disease. I'm concerned about cognition,” said Dr. Fabry. “We've been given a great opportunity to engage in more conversations. We have to think of the patient as a whole by thinking about that patient's overall health and wellness. This study now provides us with an opportunity, for those specifically who have cardiovascular risk factors, to explain that the sooner you address hearing loss, the more likely that you're going to see a slowing progression of cognitive decline. That's a powerful statement.”

The ACHIEVE study is the largest clinical trial to investigate whether hearing loss treatment intervention can reduce risk of cognitive decline. Past research has drawn a correlation between untreated hearing loss and dementia, but, for the first time, this study is drawing a link between the use of hearing aids and slowing cognitive decline. Moreover, the study also showcases the life-changing impact of hearing loss intervention in reducing feelings of loneliness, reiterating the importance of healthcare professionals taking a holistic approach to their patients' health, and providing a robust basis for continued research and innovative interventions.

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