Connectivity and pairing

Learn how to connect and pair your Starkey hearing aids to our apps, accessories and other media devices.

To use your hearing aids with your Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Mac), first ensure that your hearing aids and your Apple device have been paired. Please follow the instructions below to pair your Apple device and your hearing aids.

  1. Select the Settings icon. Select Accessibility > Hearing Devices. (If the Bluetooth toggle shows OFF, move it to ON.)
  2. Turn your hearing aids OFF and then ON to activate pairing mode.

For iPhone or iPad:

  • 3. Under MFi Hearing Devices you should see your hearing aid name (e.g. “Jane’s hearing aids”). Select this.
  • 4. A dialog box pops up for each hearing aid (RIGHT and LEFT). Select Pair for each dialog box.
  • 5. Pairing is complete.

For Mac:

  • 3. The hearing aids will appear under Available Devices. Select Connect.
  • 4. When pairing is complete, the word "Connected" will appear under the hearing aid name, and controls for streaming, microphone level, and presets will be visible and functional.

You are now ready to use your Apple device with your hearing aid.

To adjust your hearing aids with your Android™ device, you must use the Thrive App and pair the two together so they can communicate. Please follow the instructions to pair your device and your hearing aid.

  1. Tap the Settings icon on your mobile device.
  2. Ensure Bluetooth is on.
  3. Turn your hearing aids off and back on. This puts the hearing aids in pairing mode.
  4. Launch the Thrive app and follow the prompts.
  5. When a pair of hearing aids is discovered, you will be prompted to pair each one along with one more prompt to allow the Thrive app to manage your hearing aids.
  6. If more than one pair of hearing aids is discovered, you will see a list; tap to select and connect to yours.

    NOTE: Pairing can still be completed through the Bluetooth menu of your Android device, if preferred.

Reconnecting your hearing aids to your Android device
When you turn off your hearing aids or Android device, they will no longer be connected to one another. To reconnect, turn on your Android device and then power on your hearing aids.

The hearing aids will automatically connect to your Android device. If you are having trouble getting your hearing aids and app to reconnect, check the Bluetooth settings on your Android device to make sure your hearing aids are still paired and if not, repeat the pairing process.

For more instruction on pairing or connecting hearing aids and wireless accessories, visit Troubleshooting.

Select Fire TV devices support audio streaming with compatible Bluetooth hearing aids.