Which model of hearing aid do you have?

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How to find your hearing aid model

Learn how to identify which hearing aid model you have.

Look in your app

Starkey apps display our hearing aid model name and number in the app or device settings menu.


Thrive App > Menu > Device Settings > About My Devices

Note: You will see the hearing aid model and serial numbers


TruLink App > Settings (gear icon) > Feedback > Click No-Send Us Feedback > Hearing aid style, brand and serial numbers will be in email > Note Info > Select cancel

Look in your phone

Your hearing aid model name is displayed in your phone’s settings. Your phone settings may appear different than shown.


iPhone Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Devices

Note: You will see the model info


Settings > Connections > Bluetooth > Tap Hearing Aids > Confirm Pairing

Note: Android will only show the hearing aid name. Device information is only available within the app or on the hearing aid itself.

Look at the back of your hearing aid

Behind-the-Ear and Receiver-In-Canal show product name and model on the back side of the device. Custom hearing aids only show the serial number.

Behind the Ear Starkey hearing aid
Receiver in Canal Starkey hearing aid