Options for streaming TV

Enhance your enjoyment of television by streaming audio directly to your hearing aids.

One of the most frustrating activities for people with hearing loss is watching TV — especially with others. Turning the volume up can help, but the loud volume makes things unpleasant for any “normal” hearing companions.

While hearing aids lessen the need to increase the volume, the ideal solution is hearing aids paired with Starkey’s wireless TV Streamer.

Starkey TV Streamer

Starkey’s TV Streamer makes watching TV enjoyable again — for you and everyone else in the room.

The TV Streamer is a tiny, deck-of-card sized box that hooks up easily to your TV. Once attached, simply set it next to the TV, pair your hearing aids*, and it streams audio from the TV directly to compatible hearing aids wirelessly.

With the TV Streamer, your hearing aids act as wireless headphones, so you can listen to TV at the volume you want, while others in the room can listen at the volume they want — or even mute it, if they’re reading a book or don’t want to hear it.

The Starkey TV Streamer offers excellent sound quality, is easy to use, and supports both analog and digital input sources.

*Compatible with: Livio, Livio AI and Livio Edge AI hearing aids